“The World is Watching America”

Right now, as the polling centers across the country begin to close, many other countries are anxiously waiting to see the turnout as well. According to State Department spokesman Keith Peterson, more than 4,000 foreign journalists were granted the credentials to cover the campaign finale this evening.

“Interest is unprecedented,” Peterson said in a Washington Times article. “And every journalist is looking for their local angle. It’s huge in Bangladesh. In France, ‘Le Figaro’ devoted five pages to the election. The Russians and Nigerians want to know how foreign policy will affect them, the Irish want to talk about the Irish ancestry of Sen. Barack Obama on his mother’s side.”

“Obamamania” has spread across Europe, gaining avid support in Germany, the Netherlands, and France. In Russia, many citizens are intrigued by the fact that the United States may just have its first African American president after tonight.

There are three countries that have come out in favor of McCain; these being the Phillipines (where the U.S. is currently helping out against Islamic rebels), Israel (where 46 percent said they would vote for McCain), and the country of Georgia (situated on the dividing line between Europe and Asia). All three feel that McCain will stay on top of the issues that affect them the most and would be best suited for the position.

Iraq still lacks a “firm opinion” on who should win, as people are still “awaiting the outcome of the status of forces agreement, which will determine how long US troops remain.”


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