In Kenya people sang, whistled danced, and cheered in the streets as the announcement of Barack Obama presidency was announced.

According to the New York Times, people yelled “Who needs a passport? We’re going to America!”

Many countries including Japan, Italy, and Britain also applauded the victory as a defeat of racism.

Wolfgang Ischinger, a former German ambassador to the United States called it “a new face” for Europe “remarry”. However, Ischinger also commented that the high expectations will eventually lead to some type of disappointment.



  1. Appreciated the comments from around the world. It brings to mind a comment made about heavyweight boxing champion Joe Louis made many, many years ago. Intending to pay Louis what he thought would be a compliment, someone said, “He’s a credit to his race.”, to which an astute listener responded, “Ya, the human race.”

    The Times didn’t disappointment us in their ongoing quest to print all the news??? I wonder how many in the Kenyan crowd yelled that they didn’t need passports, and we’re going to America? In any event they provided Rush with some ammo to feed to the wing-nuts………………

  2. After a day of working at the polls, I am very happy to say that apart from two individuals — the election process from my view at ground zero was a peaceful, orderly event that should be celebrated for what it was — an expression that the American people while divided at times by politics or personal opinions for the most part are decent individuals who truly believe in the democratic process. Three cheers for U.S.!

  3. The biggest lesson for other countries around the world is not who won and who lost…because at the end of the day the politics if this nation are still sharply divided. President-elect Obama recieved a huge number of electoral votes, but only 52.5% of the popular vote. That means almost half didn’t vote for him.

    The real lesson for the other countries of the world is that at the end of the day, when all the votes are counted we have a new president-elect and a peaceful transition of power.

    The loosing candidates don’t call for street demonstrations and thier partisans do not commit acts of violence. Instead the loosing candidate gracefully concedes defeat and we move as a nation to open the next chapter.

    There is no doubt that the new chapter will be the partisans fighting for their political adgendas…but it doesn’t require an international intervention to develop a “power sharing” agreement between the winner and looser.

    The winner won…The partisans go back to their corners and get ready for the next congress.

    And so goes the transition of power in the greatest democracy the world has ever known.

    If the People of Kenya…and the other nations of the world want to sing about anything…it should not be the personality of the individual that the people of the United States chose as their next Chief Executive…but the manner in which it was accomplished.

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