Projection Updates

Currently, CNN has called the following states:

Obama: Maine, Pennsylvania, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin

McCain: North Dakota, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina

Electoral Count:

Obama: 174

McCain: 49


5 responses to “Projection Updates

  1. Fox News has just projected in its breaking news that the crucial battleground state of Ohio has been called as a win for presidential candidate, Sen. Barack Obama. In the past 50 years, Ohio has always sided with the winner of the election and no Republican has won the election without first winning the state of Ohio. Ohio is the home state of “Joe the Plumber,” whom Republican rival John McCain had made the center of his attack on Obama in recent weeks. Fox News reported that of the six battleground states, McCain would need to win five in order to secure a path to the white house. Ohio is the second of the battleground states to be called, as well as the second to be called for Obama. McCain’s camp has recently made an offical objection to the calling of Pennsylvania, declaring that it is to early for data to indicate a winner. Fox News has announced that with two of the battleground states already in Obama’s favor, the path to the White House is not looking very well for McCain. Polls have been closed in the rest of the swing-states and Americans are waiting for calls from Virginia and especilly Florida, which siginificantly has 27 electoral votes to offer. Like in many elections, Florida could decide the fate of the 2008 election.

  2. Fox News Electoral Vote Count: (9:37PM)

    Obama- 200

  3. Fox News just announced that Obama has won swing-state Virginia. Unless McCain can pull through to win the rest of the swing states (Obama has already won 3 now), the possibility of an Obama presidency will be very likely.

  4. Fox News has now just announced that Barrack Obama will be the next President of the United States, and our country’s first African American President. History has just been made.

  5. McCain is calling Obama to concede defeat, Fox reports. Obama has 297 electoral votes, McCain has 155.

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