John McCain

As of 11:20 PM, Barack Obama has passed 300 electoral votes. Barring any setbacks, this election has been put to bed. John McCain, in his speech to voters in Arizona, urges everyone to stand behind Barack Obama as he “tries to get the country moving again.” His speech was very humble and, despite the situation, he seems to be somewhat relieved it’s over.


3 responses to “John McCain

  1. Registered Republican, Corporate CEO Votes for Obama

    “Show us the way, America. Throughout history, you have demonstrated that the U.S. is the great melting pot. A nation more culturally diverse than any, ever. It is time for the Western world to elect a person of color as their nation’s leader. Only the U.S. can do this.” quote from the CEO of a prominent German company whom I was having dinner earlier this year.

    As I travel the world and speak with business leaders from Europe, Asia, and Latin America it becomes painfully clear that the United States’ image abroad has been damaged over the past eight years. This not only is bad for business, but it calls into question who we are as a nation, as a people. It is also clear that all is not lost and we have a chance to redeem ourselves. A chance to show the world that we can change direction and lead by example once again. Although it may have an adverse effect on me personally (i.e., economically) never has it been clearer to me that Barack Obama is the clear choice to be the leader of the free world. With one fall swoop, we begin to heal the damage done abroad while simultaneously closing the wounds of our domestic racial divide. There are other reasons (for example, his compassionate stance on immigration and healthcare, as well as his vision for an energy-independent nation) but these are the two most compelling that led this 47-year old, registered Republican, CEO, father of 4 (two in college) to vote for a man who will change history.

  2. The response from McCain supporters was horrid and abhorrent.

    Dear Republicans,
    Please support your president. That’s what makes us American. Don’t call Obama un-American when you won’t salute your future president.

    I’m disgusted,

  3. I second Andrew’s opinion.

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