Identification Necessary?

You’re carded to buy cigarettes. You’re ID’ed to buy beer. So why not asked to present identification in order to vote at most polling sites?

Being my first election eligible to vote in, this has stuck out the most to me. It almost seems too obvious that voters should prove they are who they say they are. But after some research, each state has its own voter requirements. Some states do require a photo ID for you to be able to vote, however a majority do not. For example, New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island just ask for a signature. I think this is something that will need to change in the future, across the board- in all states. In light of the voter registration fraud allegations and the whole ACORN ordeal, I think this subject is being taken awfully lightly. How safe is a signature? Somebody could easily walk in imposing as someone else and scribble down a signature.

That said, obviously requiring a photo ID does have its flaws. For one, is there any documented proof of voter impersonation? Also, what percent of Americans do not possess a photo ID?

I guess we will have to wait and see when, if ever, this becomes an election issue.


One response to “Identification Necessary?

  1. I completely agree with you Mike. I actually just spoke to my parents on the phone who voted today and they said that since I was registered (but never sent in my absentee ballot request form) that my name was listed in the “book.”

    After reading your post I see what you mean about how someone could just forge someone else’s signature since some states do not require photo identification. I wouldn’t have known without speaking to my parents that my name was listed in the book. Who knows, maybe someone could have voted for me 😉

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