Foreign Election Opinion

This presidential race has proven itself to be extraordinarily momentous for the American people. We have been exposed to months of campaigning and political propaganda, from two historical candidates.

This election has repeatedly been called one of the most important in history, however, Americans are not the only ones that are immensely invested in the results of the election.

Marianne Vivian, an international business consultant, has traveled the world for the past four years. During this time she has encountered a variety of people, from many different countries, and had the opportunity to assess their political opinion of the United States.

Vivian said “Traveling has exposed me to the overwhelming and very often angry feeling towards Bush amongst our global neighbors. They believe that our administration is solely responsible for the global economic woes and perceive this administration as bully” . Vivan expressed the general unpopularity of the Iraq war, especially in Great Britain.

During a recent trip to Japan, Australia, and Dubai Vivan said that at any given time she could turn on CNN Asia or the Australian news and get a complete update on all news related to the election.

The election was not only influential on television but also during conversation. “I spoke with many people regarding the upcoming election and they feel that it is critical that Obama be elected and that the democrats win majority seats in the Congress. They perceive Obama as a leader who will promote peace and as someone who has an economic plan that will stabilize the U.S, which in turn will help stabilize the world market” Vivian said.

She also expressed the overwhelming feeling that McCain is seen as an extension of the Bush/Cheney administration  who will only continue to use similar unsuccessful policies.

Citizens of our bordering country of Canada, do not seem to have a difference in opinion.

Cayleigh Eckheart, a Mcgill University Junior says “Students here strongly dislike the idea of a McCain/Palin administration. During the Vice Presidential debate students took shots anytime Sarah Palin said anything they thought was ignorant”.

When asked why she believed this election was so important to Canada, Eckheart responded by saying “As our neighbor, and one of the most politically influential countries in the world, the United States election is extremely important to everyone. Canadians have taken an interest because of the effect this election will have on our economy and the foreign policy of our bordering country. If Obama is elected a significant amount of respect will be established for the United States throughout the world”.


One response to “Foreign Election Opinion

  1. I was amazed to wake up on Wednesday morning as the news stations were showing the reaction and cheering around the world. This demonstrated to me how important our country is to the world citizens and also why it is so great on so many levels that Obama has been elected. Having lived abroad myself, I find it refreshing that I can feel proud of who has been elected to office. Although I have always respected Mccain and what he has done for our country, I too thought he represented an extension of the old administration. I also resented the fact that he chose Sara Palin as his running mate. This is not who I would like my daughters to see as the first women elected into office. There are so many more intelligent, qualified women out there who would be more deserving, do a better job and be a better role model.

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