Every Vote Matters

The most important thing to do on Election Day is actually get out there and cast your vote, Robert Harmon, of Greenwich, Connecticut knows this, and wanted to help make sure that happened.

He decided to drive people who did not have transportation.  “I first volunteered in 2004 to drive voters, my desire was to defeat Bush,” Harmon said.

Though he did not help achieve that in 2004 his efforts have paid off in this election.  Harmon is an Obama supporter, and wanted to help put him in the White House.

But it is not only about winning, Harmon believes everyone should be able to vote if they want to, and that is why he wanted to help others.

“About 3 weeks ago I called the Greenwich Democratic Headquarters, where people call who need a ride and offered to drive those who needed one,” Harmon said.  Also adding that it is part of the ‘turn out the vote’ strategy to get people to go out and vote.

Harmon drove 3 elderly people from the Agnes Morley Housing Complex and said on the way to the polls he, “explained the layout of the ballets to them and went over the 2 questions at the top of it.”

While some may say: only 3 voters? , if you think about it Harmon is not the only person in the town of Greenwich, or that state of Connecticut for that matter who drove people to vote.  Each single vote combined makes up the voice and spirit that is the American people.

No one needs a reminder of how close it was in Florida between Gore and Bush in 2000, that is one election people will never forget, along with this one.

Barack Obama will be the 44th President of the United States, and the first African American to hold office because people went out and voted, people like Harmon.

Both McCain and Obama ran long and hard campaigns, just as quickly as it started it is over.

But remember, in 4 short years we will be facing this exciting process once more.  Hopefully those who did vote will do it once again, along with new voters.

One sure bet is that Robert Harmon will be there, along with anyone who needs a lift.


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