Economy Most Important to Many Voters

As voters emerged from the Children’s Home of Poughkeepsie today after casting their ballot, the most important issue on their minds was the economy. Whether they were seasoned politicians or first time voters all had a strong invested interest in the election.
Kim Drop, a Poughkeepsie resident, voted for Sen. Obama because she liked what he had to say about the issues and his policies.
“The economy is down the tubes and my husband and I are middle class people who are having a hard time making ends meat,” said Drop.
Drop said she really devoted a lot of time following the election.
“I just felt it was very important to really focus on the issues this time and to make an educated decision as opposed to in the past I probably didn’t follow the issues as closely.”
Dean Canevari, had simpler reasons for voting for his favorite candidate.
“I voted for McCain because I don’t want to see our country go socialist and I don’t want my taxes going up.”
Although the economy was a big issue for Kathy Meyerson, a long time local of the area, she voted for Sen. John McCain primarily based on his abortion stance.
“I’m very pro-life and I’m not a fan of Obama’s record on that,” said the longtime Poughkeepsie resident. “Plus they’re going to be having probably two or three Supreme Court justices appointed during their term.”
Meyerson, who describes herself as a “political junky,” said she had more of an interest in this year’s election because there wasn’t an incumbent as a vice president.
“It was a wide open election, so it was very exciting.”
First time voters also felt the strain on the economy and came out to hopefully change that.
Teri Winters, expressed excitement in casting her first ballot, and although she found the voting process confusing, she hoped she picked the correct candidate.
“I voted for Obama because I feel he can do better for our country. The economy is failing right now and I think he can change that,” said Winters. “Even though it was confusing in there I’m really glad I did it, I felt I made a difference”
Kayla Smith, whose father dropped her off to vote, couldn’t wait to hear if her vote made a difference.
“I voted for Obama because I think he would do better things for our economy today.”
Unlike Winters, Smith was positive she chose her favorite candidate and found the voting process very easy.
“I was told ahead of time what to look out for, so I knew what I had to do,” said Smith. “It was really simple.”


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