Early Exit Polls

The earliest exit polls are out and they are an interesting read. Who knows what merit can be put in these polls, and many of the poll results came in at or around 50%, but it is still something to look at. As of now:

28% of voters oppose offshore oil drilling, 68% favor offshore oil drilling.

Supreme court appointments are a factor for 75% of voters.

70% predict their taxes wil go up under Obama, 61% for McCain.

49% believe taxes will go up no matter who wins.

67% feel Biden is qualified to be President, 38% feel Palin is.

61% say Michelle Obama would make a good first lady, 54% say Cindy would.

90% of U.S voters believe votes will be counted correctly.

24% approve of job congress is doing, 73% disapprove.

50% say Obama has the experience to be President, 60% say McCain has the experience.

57% feel Obama is in touch with voters, 40% feel McCain is in touch.

42% think Obama’s positions are too liberal.

51% think Obamas policies are just right.

57% say Obama has right judgement to be good President, 49% feel McCain has.

48% say Obama campaign attacked McCain unfairly, 66% say McCain did same to Obama.

85% are worried about direction of economy, 6% rate the nation’s economy positively.

81% worry economic crisis will harm their families.

47% expect economy to improve next year.

40% support the $700 billion rescue plan, 56% oppose.

42% believe they are wose off thanthey were four years ago.

23% believe they are better off.

76% feel the country is on the wrong track.

35% approve of Iraq war.

47% expect race relations to improve in next few years.

50% think McCain will continue Bush policies while 46% say he will go in a different direction.

71% disapprove of job President Bush is doing.

32% say they will be excited if Obama wins, 23% say they will be scared.

12% will be excited if McCain wins, 30% say they will McCain.

68% are worried about affording health care.

While these only pertain to polls which closed at 5 p.m ET, they are just something to look at and wonder about and we may find out their merit as the night progresses.

Currently, early results are in for Kentucky, Maine, New Hampshire, Indiana. (As of 6:35 pm)

Indiana- 14,688 votes for Obama in, 13,264 for McCain in

Kentucky- 4,396 for McCain in, 2,600 for Obama in.

Maine- 2 for Obama in, 1 for McCain in.

New Hampshire- 32 for Obama in, 16 for McCain in.

Tune in to your favorite news station for up to date results


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