ALERT: Iowa and Utah Results Coming Up At 10pm

Fox News reports that Obama won Ohio because of the young voters, exit polls show that 64% of young voters went for Obama while only 34% voted for McCain.  This year a tremendous amount of new voters have emerged. The next generation of working adults have arrived, and they are voicing their opinions, with it showing in today’s election.

As a first time voter, I drove home to Connecticut today and am proud to say I cast my vote along with many friends who are first time voters. 

But it doesn’t matter if it’s your first time, or if you have been doing it for years… as long as you are exercising your right to vote.  This is one election no one will ever forget and every American that voted should be proud to say they were a part of it.


Fox News has just said Iowa and Utah projected results will be coming up at 10p.m. so stay tuned.

As the election results are slowly unfolding, something is happening every minute, so stay tuned!!


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