“270” The Magic Number

As of now, most broadcasts have directed to the touch screen map of the United States, predicting which states each candidate needs or could possibly give up.

As ABC News just reported while analyzing the map, “John McCain has little room for error” with the battleground states. “He needs to get Pennsylvania, otherwise he’s in a tough spot. They need to hang on to Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho or Nevada but it’s not looking too good.

As we speak, Vermont has given its 3 electoral votes to Obama, while Kentucky has granted their 8 to McCain. Going into the election, the latest polls in Kentucky showed McCain up, 51-42 percent.Vermont polls showed Obama up, 57-36 percent.

Polls have already closed in Georgia, Indiana, South Carolina and Virginia, but CNN has yet to forecast a winner in each of those states.

In Virginia, ABC reporter Pierre Thomas stated that, “If McCain does not win Virginia, he will not likely win the White House.”

Interestingly enough, no Republican has won the presidency without winning the state of Ohio.

Polls will close at 7:30 in Ohio and North Carolina; by 8 p.m. polls will close in Pennsylvania and Idaho.


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