What To Look For Tonight. . . And When

As the polls close tonight, several items throught the evening will tip off who the election’s eventual winner will be. As originally reported in the New York Post.

At 7pm, America will turn its eyes towards polls closing in several states, but none at this time will be more important than Virginia and its 13 electoral votes. Obama has been leading in the polls lately and a win here could quite possibly be a sign of good things to come for the Democratic side.

At 7:30PM, Three states, including the pivotal battlegrounds of North Carolina (15 Electoral votes) and Ohio (20 Electoral votes close their polls. Both states went Republican last time around.

At 8:00 PM 16 States close their polls, but none will be watched more closely than the always entertaining Florida (27 Electoral votes) and Pennsylvania (21 Electoral Votes). Florida was a huge (and controversial) win for Bush four years ago.

At 9:00 PM 14 more states close their polls, with the impetus this time being on Colorado. The Post is calling it a “barometer” state that McCain will need to win if he is to come away victorious.

At 10:00 PM Of the four states that close at this time, look closely at Iowa and its seven electoral votes. Obama has put much effort and resources into trying to win this Bush state back for the Democrats. McCain has trailed here in the polls all campaign long, but according to the Post there are whispers McCain could steal it.

Should be a very exciting, long night.

-Sam Benjamin


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