What else is at stake this election

Of course everyone knows that this is one of the biggest elections in our nation’s history but there are also 35 Senate seats up for grabs along with all 435 congressional seats. Disgruntled with Bush’s administration and Republican rule, many pundits expect the voters will be voting for Democrats in their local and state elections. The Democrats hope to gain a majority in both the Senate and Congress.


By picking up 9 more seats today, the Democrats could obtain a 60-40 majority, which would protect from a filibuster.

–Andrew Overton


2 responses to “What else is at stake this election

  1. Moreover, the upcoming presidential election could also shape the leanings of the Supreme Court for decades to come. With suggestions that liberal Justices Stevens and Ginsburg may be leaving the court within the next presidential term, the two seats would be up for grabs, to be appointed by the winner of tonight’s election. Their replacement by a conservative could mean a rollback of key rulings of recent years, such as Roe v. Wade, Gay Rights, and Affirmative Action.

  2. Just wanted to comment that the Republicans have not been in control since losing the house 2 years ago. So any blame for the current malise that the country finds themselves in should lay with the Democrats which control the house and have the votes in the Senate. Not everything that goes wrong in the world is acutally Goerge Bush’s fault. People would do well to place blame where it acutally lays.

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