What are the feelings at Marist?

Over the past months as what could be the most important election of recent years has been going on, I have noticed that at Marist there is a distinct absence of any kind of support. I know there is a Barack Obama group on campus but i have not seem anyone doing anything on campus other than that. As i talked to students at other schools, many told me of how there have been demonstrations everyday where voters were informed and registered. At these schools students talked about the election in every class. This has not been the case at Marist and i was wondering why?

The stakes really cant be higher as many people will be looking for work in an economy where jobs are dwindling. If there had been more information at the school would more people have been registered and voted. Would more people have been able to vote via absentee ballot? Would this have made a difference at all? Apparently only time will tell.


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