Wet Ballots Causing Problems for Voters?

Fox News just reported that because of the rain and bad weather in certain areas, such as Virginia, they are having trouble with “wet ballots.” People are having a hard time voting because their ballots are now damaged and incapable of being sent in properly. “It will be a long night for many when trying to count these ballots.”

These polls will need to be optically scanned later, and the water dripping off people from the rain is worried to lead to many of the polls being unreadable by this scanning device.

“Technical Problems, Including Wet Ballots, at Polls in Several States:”



2 responses to “Wet Ballots Causing Problems for Voters?

  1. I could argue that Fox News is worse for voters than any ballot problems that will undoubtedly be seen today, but…

    Let me just say that this is yet another reason people should vote “early,” but why stop there? This system needs revamping to ensure fairness:

    -Get rid of the Electoral College.
    -Move to implement consistent voting measures nationwide.
    -Receipts for voters, to confirm their vote “transaction.”
    -Minimum two-week voting period everywhere.
    -Voter registration available at all locations, at all times.

  2. Kate – Do you think there may be a degree of bias due to the nature of the reporting source? How great of an destructive impact will wet clothes actually have on a ballot? I voted this morning and it could be very easy to avoid getting something wet. Maybe an umbrella? Raincoat? it seems to me that this could be just a republican ploy in delaying results from Virginia.

    In response to Laura Generous,

    I think you failed to mention one of the greater issues with voting today – it took me two hours to cast my vote. It seems as though the costs may continue to outweigh the benefits for many Americans today. What working class person attempting to feed their families in the economic state today have the luxury of leaving work for such a large chunk of time?

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