The Economist Endorses Obama

The Economist Endorses Obama:

It is undeniable that the current economic state is one of the main factors in this year’s tight Race. It seems one of the latest endorsements may have a significant pull in the election results. The Economist, a highly accredited weekly magazine which is circulated to over 200 countries has encouraged American citizens to vote Obama “the next leader of the free world.”

The article cited this year’s financial crisis in one of the main factors in the 2008 election. The editorial stated that a new direction is needed for the United States and that Obama is that change.

The endorsement read: “The Democratic candidate has clearly shown that he offers the better chance of restoring America’s self-confidence.”

Will this endorsement sway voters?


One response to “The Economist Endorses Obama

  1. The New Yorker also has a very well stated endorsement of Obama, which lays out not just the economic reasons, but some of the foreign policy reasons that the Democratic candidate is the better choice.

    Obviously, the economy has been a driving factor and certainly one that Obama’s campaign has relied on. Ours is, unfortunately, a Wal-Mart nation. So while I could give a myriad of reasons why I voted Obama, for many voters, especially the “swings,” I think he’s earning their votes mainly via the pocketbook.

    There are many however (such as one “Joe Plumber”) who would benefit under Obama’s tax plan but refuse to vote in their own best interest because they’ve bought into the Republican party fears of socialism.

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