Media Coverage on the 2008 Election

The second I turned the television on this morning, I was expecting to feel overwhelmed by every channel covering the election with either running banners or with commercials. However, I found it to be the complete opposite.
CNN and FOX NEWS seem to be the only channels with a consistent running banner about the election. They are showing every state, and their poll closing times. CNN recently just covered personal blogs on the election, which can be posted on the CNN website. They showed citizens going to vote and opinion videos including comments such as “this is the first time I will be voting republican…I believe in McCain…” and “I believe in Obama…he can really turn this country around in the right direction.” FOX NEWS is covering the battleground states where every vote really does count. They are also holding a CNN hot-line if you have a unique or interesting experience at the election polls, where you can call in and inform CNN. There is a chance that your experience will be shared to the American public.
KUSA, which is associated with CNN, is covering world news, but has a CNN banner running on interesting facts about this election such as: “this is the first election in 24 years where a Bush or a Clinton isn’t on the ballot.” KUSA also covered the Saturday Night Live 2008 Presidential Election Bash, and seems to have a ‘younger’ feel to it, so it is more understanding to people my age (in their early 20s).
It’s interesting to me that channels such as MTV or VH1, which have been advertising to go out and vote, don’t have a running banner on election information. Though they are still running their commercials to go out and vote, I figured they would have a bigger role in informing younger America on the election.
And other channels such as C-SPAN aren’t covering anything on the election, when it seems that this is one of the biggest elections of the year. We’ll just have to see how this election pans out within the next few hours.


One response to “Media Coverage on the 2008 Election

  1. I think we can only expect more and more coverage throughout the day. I have been tuned into CNN all morning which has been covering broad topics such as continued campaigning by the candidates to very precise topics like individual voters’ calls. The CNN anchors have even been promoting their station as the only news station with a voter hotline. I can’t help but getting hyped up about Election Day simply with the busy polls, counters, etc. on the television screen.

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