Lunch Time Voting..YUM!

Hello to my fellow voters and bloggers!!

First let me start by saying what a great resource this is to mark such an important day in our history. I just heard on CNN that although most people think the polls become outrageously packed during the lunch time hours, it is quite the opposite. There is a sort of lull right now in the polls. They will pick up again around 3 p.m., reporters said. I just spoke with a friend of mine working at a polling center in Wappingers Falls, who said that the polls are in fact, pretty dead right now.

In the meantime, I wanted to open my post with some of the freebees I’ve heard about today. In honor of Election Day, Starbucks is giving away FREE coffee..that’s right FREE coffee…just go on in, say you voted today, and a nice hot cup of FREE coffee will be placed into your hands. Also, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream shops are also giving away free ice cream today. For us Marist students, I don’t know if there a store close enough to campus, but if you do know of one, take advantage!


2 responses to “Lunch Time Voting..YUM!

  1. Civic duty and free food! How can you go wrong? 🙂

    Good job getting a the local word out, Lindsay.

  2. Thats a surprise..I thought the polls would be more crowded around this time

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