Last Night’s SNL’s 2008 Presidential Election Bash

Last night on NBC, Saturday Night Live held a 2008 Presidential Election Bash. Though I only got to catch the end of it, it was a recap of the best of SNL’s work on the presidential election, and the ones in the past. They showed clips from when Will Ferrell played President George W. Bush, when he was running against Al Gore, and of course the most recent election, ranging from Amy Poehler playing Sen. Hillary Clinton, Tina Fey playing Gov. Sarah Palin, Darrell Hammond playing Sen. John McCain and Fred Armisen playing Sen. Barack Obama.
This also featured Sen. Obama, Sen. McCain, Sen. Clinton, and Gov. Palin on the show. It was nice to catch all of it being shown together because it shows that each of them have a sense of humor of what is shown on the media about them. Hopefully it will be replayed, but if not, they have the clips on where you can catch up on them.


2 responses to “Last Night’s SNL’s 2008 Presidential Election Bash

  1. The SNL Presidential Election Bash was once again enthralling as the actors gave a “last hoorah” performance as the 2008 candidates. In addition to the uncanny imitations seen last night, several media outlets have continued to broadcast highlights from the program this morning. News anchors on The Today Show have said that the portrayals of the candidates have really fascinated America. Moreover, Al Roker even questioned what SNL will do after the election is over. The immense coverage of the election can be very overwhelming, so it has been refreshing to see a comical spin on an otherwise serious topic.

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