Election Day Problems at the Ballot Box

So far today, there has been 56,000 calls to CNN’s Voter Hotline.

22,000 are complaints since this morning. Voters have been getting e-mails, calls, and texts saying that voting in their particular area has been postponed. According to CNN, “today is voting day in America.” It doesn’t matter what message voters might get, they should call CNN’s Voters Hotline and learn where they can go to vote should they receive a similar message.

Here are some of the trouble areas:

1. single biggest: registration information (which refers to the false messages being sent out) I do wonder where these messages are coming from?? Some investigative reporting should be done here!

2. Some are saying they didn’t receive absentee ballots

3. A growing issue concerns mechanical problems. Some machines are not simply not working. A woman from Michigan said her machine had to be reset multiple times.


One response to “Election Day Problems at the Ballot Box

  1. I heard they caught two people who were posting misleading flyers in minority neighborhoods in Virginia. Anyone know what’s happening with that story?

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