Election Day Morning

I woke up this morning expecting to be ambushed with election day propaganda and sure enough I was right. Even as I logged into Facebook I was encouraged to vote. My morning tradition usually includes watching The Today Show, so I flipped to channel 4. The first shot shown was of extraordinarily long poll lines, CNN reports that in Virginia people are waiting about an hour. Although the polls don’t close until tonight, some places like Dixville Notch, NH, have already declared Obama the winner.

The Today Show is reporting that McCain is campaigning in Colorado today, which is unusual for election day. His running mate, Sarah Palin, flew to Alaska to cast her ballot.

Obama plans to head to Indiana, which is a Republican-leading state and then will watch the election results from a local hotel. His camp has a very confident outlook based on the absentee ballots, but they are still trying to get people out to vote by, sending emails and texts.

CNN currently has a 1st Poll Closing Countdown, which is at about 8 hours. Hilary and BIll Clinton are voting in New York, and Obama voted a little while ago.The CNN latest poll says that Obama is at 51% McCain is at 43% Nadar is at 3% and Barr is at 1%. I do believe that Obama is going to pull out a win, however I think the race is going to be much closer than the polls predict. The Gallup website is reporting that “nearly three-quarters of voters say this year’s election outcome matters more to them than prior elections and 92% of voters agree that the stakes in this election are higher than in previous years.” It does seem as if the voters being interviewed are very passionate about the election, and excited to have a new president in office. CNN reported that many states expect 70% to 80% of the registered voters to turn out.

CNN is stationed in battle ground states and is currently in Tallahassee, Florida. Already 4 million people have voted in the state, which is a very positive turnout for 10 a.m.

Although there is a lull in election action right now, I do believe that it will become more exciting as the day goes on and polls come closer to closing .


2 responses to “Election Day Morning

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  2. I too, felt the inundation of election coverage this morning. It appears that the media is taking every angle possible on the different Election Day happenings. So far, The Today Show has shown a compilation of SNL clips, talked about where political figures are voting and discussed the potential first ladies.
    The media is really driving the point home that after today, America will have decided on a new president.

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