Don’t Vote

The celebrity influence factor continues, this time with a popular video circulating the web with a slew of celebrities employing reverse psychology to get younger, possibly apathetic voters to get out and vote. The celebrities, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Degeneres, Jennifer Aniston, and Courteney Cox, among others, urge people not to vote, because who cares about global warming, as Aniston puts it “I hear polar bears can swim.”

CNN is also currently interviewing Sam Wurzelbacher, better known as his moniker, “Joe the Plumber.” The headline is Average Joe? and the talk has gotten quite heated, with the commentator asking why Sam has come out and endorsed John McCain. Wurzelbacher responded that he doesn’t want the upper-class taxed, because quite frankly, he doesn’t want someone else’s money.

CNN also just reported calls on the voter Hotline from battleground state Pennsylvania, claiming names are being left off the registration rolls. Very interesting, stay tuned.


4 responses to “Don’t Vote

  1. Along with a celebrity pro-voting movement also comes specific endorsements to a particular candidate.

    According to celebrities fall into two categories: those whose positive endorsement will yield a “pop in polls” and those whose negative attitude towards a specific candidate could negatively impact a candidates vote. classified the following celebrities:

    Positive: Oprah, Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Jon Stewart , Angelina Jolie and Tiger Woods.

    Negative: Rosie O’Donnell, Tom Cruise, Madonna, Jane Fonda, Donald Trump and Susan Sarandon.

    Don’t let yourself be swayed!

  2. Musicians play a roll as well. In the 2008 campaign Obama was able to gain support from many musicians and groups ranging from The Grateful Dead to Justin Timerlake. Even the rock legend Patrick Allen is backing Obama, enough said.

  3. I liked this video.

  4. I think celebrities definitely influence people to vote, which is a good thing but i also feel like most celebrities usually vote democrat or in this case for Obama, people should make thier own decisions not on who their favorite celebrity is voting for or whats the “popular” thing to do

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