“Could Voters’ Minds Still be Changing?”


Election Day is finally here, and even the indecisive must make up their minds and cast their vote. Although it is clear for most voters which potential president they are choosing by now, many have been changing their minds since the candidates first presented themselves into the media.

“I have fallen in love with Obama and his values since watching the debates and news stories on him,” said Tracey Lewis, a sophomore at Marist College. “When I first started learning about the candidates though, I was completely for McCain. I heard about everything he has done for our country and concluded that he would be the better out of the two for our next president. Then my mind slowly changed after learning more about Obama.”

With Clinton initially in the running, many people had to change their vote after the candidates were narrowed down to Obama and McCain; and after the extensive debates that have occurred throughout the past few months, many people’s minds were ultimately changed after viewing the two candidates’ behaviors.

“Based on experience, I don’t trust Obama to protect our country,” said Toni Ann Arrigo, a junior at Marist College. “If Hillary was still running I would vote for her because I would like to see Bill Clinton’s views back in the White House. Now that she is no longer a candidate, I’m voting for McCain, but I like Biden a lot more than Palin, so it was pretty hard to change my vote after Clinton no longer was an option.”

USA Today and The Wall Street Journal both lead with new weekend polls that continue to show Obama with a definite lead. Considering this has been the longest presidential race in history, our country has been altering its view on the candidates since the beginning of the race. Even though the polls show Obama in the lead, there is still a possibility for surprise.

The Washington Post leads by explaining that both Obama and McCain have continued to spit out attacks towards each other this Sunday, and the Los Angeles Times leads by explaining that the candidates’ last effort to try to convince undecided voters is by “sticking to the basics,” preaching their usual opposing views. This depicts a change from the usual behavior of the candidates’ this close to Election Day. Instead of turning positive, they are doing everything they can to ensure last minute votes.

“I’m not voting because I didn’t get a chance to send in an absentee ballot, but if I were to vote I don’t think I could make up my mind completely on who I want to win,” said Stephani Masi, a junior at Marist College. “If I had to choose it would be Obama, but many of my opinions agree with McCain’s views; I can’t help but be unsure about such a big and significant decision.”


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