Choosing or Losing

MTV's Offers the "Choose or Lose" Campaign


Following up on what Terah reported earlier, it is interesting that MTV and VH1 are just offering regular programming today, because if you log onto, you are first greeted with a live election map, plus the title “Go Vote – Love, MTV.” This could be a sign of the younger voters being more inclined to get information online, as the internet is easier to access on your phone, or merely in class while not paying attention. MTV is also offering texts from first time voters, updating live messages received from every state.


2 responses to “Choosing or Losing

  1. What I find interesting, is it is a Tuesday during the week. It’s past 3:30pm, which is when kids normally come home from school, and right now normal TRL is on, and they have barely touched on the election.

    You would think that because it is such a large mass media provider they would work harder to focus more on the election.

    Hopefully they will cover it tonight, when it gets down to the wire, and maybe interrupt some normal programming to show how the election is going. I’m almost disappointed in MTV for not having better coverage and reaching out to the youth of America.

  2. MTV is offering up “TRL,” and VH1 is playing a marathon of “Trading Spouses.” They know something else is going on, right? Their primetime schedule for tonight is “Rock of Love 2: Charm School” and “Celebrity Rehab 2.” I’ve lost faith.

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