Breaking News on the Election

Bill and Hillary Clinton cast their votes for Sen. Barack Obama this morning. Though this was an obvious choice for the two die-hard democrats, will their votes sway their ‘followers’ and ‘fans’ to do the same?

New Jersey had to change their voting process to paper ballots because of a glitch in the computer system. Though this is not a huge deal, it may prolong the election system, and determining who won that state.

In Virginia, the polls opened up late because the person in charge overslept. CNBC made it very clear that this was ridiculous and that person should be ashamed of themselves.


One response to “Breaking News on the Election

  1. I think it will be very interesting to see what unfolds — a lot has been made of the Hilary Supporters for McCain.

    Rush Limbaugh refers to Bill Clinton as “his favorite Republican” based on his lack of overt enthusiasm and backhanded remarks about Obama.

    Time will tell!

    Great job, Terah.

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