2008 Election Sets Records and Long Lines!

History was made today, well actually last night, when more than 24 million people had already voted before Election Day. Election experts predicted more than a third of the electorate would have voted before the polls opened on Election Day.
Not only are people voting, but a diverse group of people are voting. “Polling stations were packed — young, old, black, white, disabled, not,” Jude Elliot told CNN. “It feels great to be an American today; the best hour and a half of my life.” Elliot said that it usually takes him five minutes to vote, but this year was different. Could it have anything to do with the current economic crisis? Do more people care enough to wait on line and actually vote? Apparently so!
“The line wrapped all the way around the front of the building and into the back parking lot,” said CNN iReporter Lynn Linnemeier. “I’ve never voted for something and this actually means something,” iReporter Juan Bedoya Castano said, an immigrant to the United States.


3 responses to “2008 Election Sets Records and Long Lines!

  1. The high record voting in this election can also be attributed the message that has been continually repeated throughout this campaign: Change.

    Whether its the first black president, oldest president and a or first women vice president; it seems more and more Americans have something to be excited for.


  2. I think that every state needs to embrace early voting. It encourages political participation for all, even those that can’t travel or have busy workdays.

    Either that or Election Day needs to be a national holiday if only to encourage people to exercise their privilege to vote.
    Honestly, why is Columbus Day a holiday and not Election Day. The logic is simply not there.


  3. it’s awesome that there has been this “problem” of long lines all over… people taking a greater interest in public issues is always a good thing

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